3 new albums

Since his debut more than two decades ago, Jacek Sienkiewicz became something of an institution; regarded as one of the pioneers of Polish electronic music scene, for years he was recognised mainly for his dense, emotive, soulful sound, converting vocabulary of Detroit techno into his absolutely singular language. Eventually, this led to unmistakably individual sound, but also fairly secluded position.

His music, transmitted from his Warsaw base through different established channels, but primary via his own Recognition label (almost 50 releases in 20 years), albeit retaining its dancefloor potential was always in some way leaning towards experiment and adventure in sound design, and during recent few years this direction became evident.

In 2014 his collaborations with AtomTM, resulted with joint live record and solo abstract album on No. A series of performances with Max Loderbauer were documented by live album for Berlin Atonal, as well as last year’s stunning “End” CD on Recognition. Also in 2017, Jacek released “9702” LP and “9799” 12”, compiling a selection of his earliest recordings (from late 90s) – which appeared to sound shockingly fresh and up to date, also exemplifying outlines for further development and experiments. Finally, 2018 saw “123418”, a digital-only album containing four extended pieces – “abstract sound paintings”, balancing layers of heavily processed sounds with unorthodox rhythm patterns.

For this year, Jacek is preparing one of his most ambitious works to date. Divided into three records, seemingly different, yet united by general concept, it’s the result of years of studio work utilising different ways of sound manipulation. “IMOW” (“In My Own Wave”) is a set of short, heterogeneous pieces utilising hardware experimentation, drones and voice samples, an 8-part ritual equally primeval and futuristic. “BTWN” (“Between”) is a “classic” ambient album, 50 minutes of truly beautiful music, derived solely from MIDI errors and wandering synth notes. Finally, “Drogi”, released with Bołt Records, is a hommage to Bohdan Mazurek, one of the key composers of Polish contemporary electronic and electro-acoustic music, for years working at the famous Polish radio Experimental Studio. Jacek follows his offbeat approach towards sound, utilising a range of sources and techniques, from his teenage tape recordings through hardware to modern sample editing. Those three records, complimenting each other, will be released in three different formats – vinyl LP, digital download and CD and carefully mastered by Atom Tm / Uwe Schmit.

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