There were artists in the history of popular music, whose creativity resulted in at least few albums released over the course of one year. Four and more albums a year were released by Frank Sinatra or James Brown, guitarists John Frusciante or Omar Rodriguez-Lopez also realised their visions that way, several hours worth of original output were delivered by electronic music composers, like Pete Namlook or Autechre.

In 2019, those mentioned above are joined by Jacek Sienkiewicz, whose research in the field of experimental, abstract electronic music came to life in the shape of four full-length albums.

The most important of them is “IMOW” (“In My Own Wave”); initially released in March on vinyl only, is out as digital download on 13 December. “IMOW” is Sienkiewicz’s most personal, and most thought-over and polished record. Whole palette of recording techniques – from field recordings through both real and virtual instruments to computer manipulations – is applied towards creation of very singular, sonic universe, on many levels creating alternative reality. The record was further developed into unique live show created with visual artist Katarzyna Korzeniecka, hypnotic, multi-dimensional – and fully analogue (!). Still in development, it will be continued in 2020.

“BTWN” (“Between”), released as free download, is a companion record to “IMOW”. In this case, the music was crafted solely from “trash” – digital and analogue errors, feedback, sounds of malfunctioning or stalled instruments. Surprisingly, it’s a very accessible record, closest to “classic” ambient music, dreamy and melancholic, full of subtle beauty.

“Drogi” CD was released in collaboration with Bołt Records as a tribute to Bohdan Mazurek, composer affiliated with the legendary Polish Radio Experimental Studio. Sienkiewicz, instead of recreating Mazurek’s compositions, decided rather to apply his methods of creations, utilising, among other means, his own recordings made as teenager on pocket dictaphone. The result is full of surprising twists and peculiar sense of humour.

The last of this year’s albums is “Multiversion #5” released by Instant Classic in October. This time, Jacek becomes the new incarnation of BNNT – a duo, which invited a number of musician friends to create consecutive parts of “Multiversion”. Jacek’s take is a record, where ambient passages and experimental cracks and noises are accompanied by skeletal rhythms – slow and broken, so different from Sienkiewicz’s “club” output.

Jacek has not resigned from creating stricte dance music though – quite surprisingly released “Lightin’” EP (illustrated by a fantastic video by Michal Marczak), somehow a continuation of his “hit” “Drifting” from 2015 – a piece in equal proportions epic and ethereal, sophisticated and charming.

Coming up in 2020 is “STAL”, another collaborative album recorded with Use Schmidt (Atom ™), as well as continuation of “IMOW” – another album and series of live performances.

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