Jacek Sienkiewicz, born in warsaw in 76, makes textural, melodic, experimental music and more… 

Jacek Sienkiewicz is a shadowy figure. Despite 12+ years of running its own label and releasing much-praised records through numerous prolific European labels, he somehow manages to walk his own path towards a very peculiar vision of contemporary electronic music. With one foot deep in classic Detroit and Chicago dance scene, and the other in modern jazz and classical music, Jacek’s tracks for the past ten years always try to find a right balance between the avant-garde and dancefloor, between primal emotions and highly sophisticated sonic wizardry.
Jacek was born in 1976 in Warsaw where he still resides. DJing soon led to playing live, and his memorable debut took place in Autumn of 1996, while scoring an art performance at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. This place will also mark the comeback towards more experimental sounds, as Jacek debuts his new pieces at the vary same place, in February, 2012.
After years of recording for prolific dance labels, a decade of playing various dance events, Jacek Sienkiewicz decided to separate his dancefloor-friendly persona from the quiet, inward-bound incarnation as a modern composer. Thus, from 2012, his club-oriented gigs will be billed as Recognition, while his given name will be used solely for unique performances, trying to explain his current path of artistic expression. This time, casting all the inspirations aside, Jacek decided to built something entirely on his own, digging deep into the subconscious to bring to life all what was left unspoken for years.